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“Concept Home Tutorial Services  Pvt. Ltd” is offering Franchise for many cities!!

Enter into Franchise alliance with “Concept Home Tutorial Services Pvt. Ltd”: Start with an initial investment of just 2 Lac. 

We welcome entrepreneurs from all over India to be a part of our exciting venture. Concept Home Tutorial Services tutors provides you a wonderful opportunity to Lead, Earn, Inspire and Bring a difference in the society began its operation in 2012. From Ranchi, Jharkhand. It has earned paramount fame and recognition. Education has now become one of the largest industries worldwide. It is one of the best times to initiate a business in this booming field. With a small investment, you can expect great returns in a very short span of time.

At present Concept Home Tutorial Services are running many branches itself.  So we would like to suggest you to choose the city where you want to open/ take the franchise. Then after we will get you back.

Investment Details:

  • One-time license fee:  80k   INR
  • Office installation cost: 80k INR
  • Business Operating cost for 4 months: 1.5 Lakhs INR.

Total Investment required: 3.1 Lakhs INR

Following are the details of the amount which is payable to Concept Home Tutorial Services by Franchise holder:

  • Initial amount of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs
  • 25% of gross revenue every month.
  • Advertisement, National Branding, Customer acquisition, Software and Website service, Call Centre Service, etc. are funded through this amount.

Returns of your investment?
With the payment of your Franchise fee of 2.5 lakhs and 25% revenue share, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Territorial rights to provide our branded tutorial service:

The franchisee is given the right to cater to the home tuition requirement in his/her respective location.

  • Pool of talented teachers in your territory:

We already have a pool of competent tutors from different geographical locations. We screen through it to provide you talented teachers available in your location.

  • Customer Leads:

Customers from various locations contact us. We scan through our franchise addresses and redirect them to their nearest franchisee. Thus, we assist you in providing prospective customers to enhance your business. We include your franchise centre in our brand promotion websites and advertisements. It helps significantly in providing you inquiries of potential customers

  • Software system to manage the tuition:

Through our software, we maintain customer/ tutor information. We provide a platform for them to connect, interact and discuss their tutorial issues, to scheduling the classes, etc.

  • Process/Sales and Recruitment training:

Concept Home Tutorial Services conducts highly comprehensive training for franchisees. In the training session, they are briefed about the various processes adopted by Eon Education, how to run the business successfully, etc. Since, all our processes have stringent requirements, it is necessary for all the Franchisees to attend the training session. We also offer offline/online training courses for them from time to time.

  • Call centre service to manage customer and teacher calls:

Our customer service team entertains customer/ teacher calls from all over India. They are dedicated to connecting tutors and customers by mixing and matching the requirements. Any requirement in your area, you would get the information.

  • Mention of the office contact in our website, brochure, advertisements:

We assist you in promoting your franchise centre through newspapers, advertisements, brochures, etc. Under our brand image, it becomes fairly easy to advertise your business to get home tuition inquires. 

  • Templates ( Application/ Teacher – customer agreement):

We provide all the documents such as customer agreement, teacher agreement, teacher application, student application and so on in soft and hard copies.

  • Participation in Concept Home Tutorial Services Family Telephonic Conferences:

As our franchisee, we keep briefing you about all our products. We conduct telephonic conferences so that our Franchisee from all locations can participate actively.

Attractive Venture to be In:

For initiating the business, you do not require huge infrastructure investments.  A small room of 150 square feet equipped with computers, the internet, table, and a file rack would suffice. You are required to maintain a pool of competent teachers, schedule classes for them. You would be the mediator between teachers and parents/ Students. With a pool of 200 students, an INR of 10 lakhs can be easily earned the recurring revenue also ensures predictable and stable business. With all your dedication and perseverance, you can earn targeted revenue. 
Apart from business, you are bringing a difference in a student’s life. Home tutorial service of Concept Home Tutorial Services is designed to overcome the hurdles of students in their academic performance. The student’s academic enhancement is our main concern. By entering into this venture, you are contributing towards positive change in the society. It is a noble business for a noble cause.